About Us

A customer-oriented food supply company extending its arm in UAE, Oman and India, exclusively focusing on the supply of quality fruits and vegetables. Our journey began in 2012 by supplying fresh and premium fruits and vegetables to the market. With commitment and hard work, we established the firm GREENOL. Today our business successfully serves large local and international market. GREENOL promises quality and economical service

Mission and Vision

To keep the fruits and vegetables safe and make them available to everyone. Committed to best practice to serve society by innovative modes of supplying fresh food. To understand our client's needs and fulfil their expectations, we try to ensure excellent service every time.
Our focus is on sourcing and delivering a diverse range of fresh products to the Gulf Region while maintaining high standards of quality that meet our customers' expectations.

Our Brand

Frootol is a trusted and premium brand in the fruit industry, leveraging over 10 years of expertise in producing exceptional fruits across the globe. Our commitment lies in cultivating the finest fruits, employing meticulous manufacturing processes, and ensuring the highest standards of freshness and hygiene. Our products are meticulously crafted to provide you with the best-in-class food that is not only nourishing but also suitable for your daily consumption. As a globally recognized food company, we take pride in being a part of your daily routine, offering a wide range of globally recognized and cherished fruits
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